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Whimsical Pockets: Veronica Green

The first time I was introduced to Veronica Greens' work was about a year ago at the NYC Affordable Art Fair. On display were these incredibly detailed paintings that took a unique perspective of a childhood classic, Alice in Wonderland. I was already taken with the work when I was then told that the painting was a two for one because it basically glows in the dark. My initial reaction was: Shut the F*&k up! That was the term that captured my excitement for this artist. I knew two things: 1. I had to meet Veronica Green and 2. I NEED to have one of her pieces in my collection.

Luckily for me I started following Van Rensburg Galleries immediately on IG so I could pretty much stalk Veronica's art and be kept in the loop with other artist that show at their NYC gallery. Quick side bar. You must follow Van Rensburg Galleries immediately, the owner Beulah Van Rensburg, has pretty much incredible taste in representing artists that create art that emotionally speak to the human existence. Among my favorites Veronica Green, Tami Bahat, Miguel Vallinas, and of course CMB featured bad ass, Ivy Nate.

Alright back on track! I saw that Veronica Green was in town and doing a solo show at the gallery with new works in a series titled Whimsical Pockets and I was like, Yes Please! I walked into the gallery, lights off, and a magical glow was illuminating from the paintings. Veronica paints with shiny materials and fluorescent paint that give the work a new life in the dark and under black light. Being from a ravy, music festival background, this set up was speaking my language! When the lights came on there was no disappointment, the paintings transformed back to reveal magnificent details and sophisticated technique that radiate in her work.

Whether in the light or in the dark, you could stare for hours at all of these paintings and question the beauty of childhood. If you like street art and graffiti then you will also fall in love with several pieces in this collection, as there are a few with a nod to this urban art form taken from a perspective of childhood.

At first look, the whimsical nature of the work immediately jumps out, playful and endearing. However, as you continue to observe, in the light and in their glow, a deeper feeling starts to creep in. Now everyone has their own interpretation which is the beauty of art, but for me, I walked away with this thought: Did I hang on to aspects of my childhood that are vulnerable and that have now become a part of my strength?

With that thought, I became the owner of the piece titled Cheerful Whistling. For the record I can't whistle properly, but who gives a shit because the sentiment remains the same. It is okay to be happy, to be cheerful, when things are good and bad. It is okay to be happy even when other people aren't happy because your song is your own and may the light you exude bring other people to remember there own cheerful song.

If you aren't able to make it down to the show before it ends here in NYC, don't worry, you have a chance to see her work at the Affordable Art Fair. And while I am waiting to jet down to New Zealand to give you guys a full 360 feature on her, go ahead and visit Veronicas' website ( to learn more about this cutting edge artists. And yes, follow her on IG people!

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