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In a city that is known for it's hustle and bustle is it possible that we are moving so fast that we forgot the ability to truly take things in and appreciate the wonders NYC has to offer?  CMB writer, Kayla Heisler, meets up with the founder of Shif.T, Tatiana Proietti, at her VIBErant Eats pop-up event.  If you dig the concept of bringing art, food, and sound together then you are in for a special sneak peek into the new craze about to sweep us, VIBErant Eats. 

Arty Facts

dropping Arty-facts on you to expand knoweledge (Pun Intended)

Art programs are mandatory in countries that rank highest in math and science.

Whimsical Pockets: Veronica Greeen

bringing you the latest on our recent experience at the incredible veronica green show at the van Rensburg gallery NYC

On Sale Now

The witty e-book by CMB about hot dogs and hot girls eating them. 

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