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Creator Spotlight:

Pendulum People

In the world of festivals there comes a point where, although the performers are talented, they fail to bring it home for me.  You know, there’s only so much festie shenanigans one can take before you realize half the people are just doing what they do because someone told them it was what all the cool kids are doing. I mean for fuck sake can I please be entertained?  I want a show! I want to be engaged, intrigued, dripping wet and begging for more.


Sing? I’ve seen it. Dance? I’ve seen it. Acrobats? I’ve seen it. Juggle? I’ve seen it too many times.  I mean no shade to you talents out there, I personally can’t really do any of those, but there is an “IT” factor for a reason.  “IT” is the ability to draw in your audience in with what you have to say and you will stop at nothing to ensure that your message is clear. So those of you who want the Show to be put back into the word Showmanship, then standing ovation for the dynamic collective known as Pendulum People.  

Soraya Lundy
Nova Zef
Justin Conte

Over the pounding of bass music Pendulum People takes the stage, lay down their hearts, and asks you to pick it up so you can share in their passion.  Who are they?  They are a collective of artist, performers, and friends who are pushing past the performance boundaries over hard hitting global bass.  It is insane how four people come together to be one unit, yet hold their space as individuals.  And to think it all started because Justin had a crush on Nova in the 6th grade.

Pendulum, a weighted sphere, that when displaced sideways returns to its’ equilibrium due to a restoring force.  When pendulums are placed together in a row the energy will travel through all pendulums and cycle back.  This collective is the living embodiment of a pendulum, their shared energy not only comes out on stage, but through how they collaborate as collective.  Together, they bring their talents of fashion, production, dancing, and poetic vocals to support the group as a whole.  It is inspiring to sit with them and see how they lift each other up and value each other's talent. 

One of the best things about Pendulum People is that their music is filled with palpable intention.   As creative director and choreographer, Justin uses the unique talents of each member of the collective and makes them shine seamlessly.  Inspired by the undeniable magic of children, and the world around us, Nova’s lyrics speak about topics that are relevant to us as spiritual beings.  So instead of girls hearing of how they can be fucked so hard they are walking side to side, they can hear about how their bodies are sacred and how we as people are greater than what we allow ourselves to be.  Now for all you folks out there that refuse to dig deeper into your mainstreaming souls, LVDF's beats will make you vibrate so that you can’t help but open up and take in the message you thought you weren’t listening to.  

Once those beats drop your eyes are locked, captivated by the choreography of Justin and Soraya, each move with intention and fluidity translating the music to your soul, making you want to shake dat ass with them.  Because folks, they perform the shit out of it!  And if that wasn't enough, the cherry on top are the wearable art pieces, they refer to as clothes, designed by LVDF.   Their look is forward thinking and ties one of the most bad ass bows around an incredible global bass present.   For those of you who obsess with reality dance competitions or fashion challenges, you can see that level of amazeballs live and in person! Bold, sexy, and comfortable to drop that shit low.

For some reason the song “Cool Kids” by Echosmith pops into my mind.  Not because Pendulum People has this vibe like they are the coolest and everyone is shit, but because of the exact opposite.  I mean we’ve all been there where we see a group of people that look snazzy AF and we get intimidated, but we want them to be our friends.  We stop short of saying hi because we think they will be standoffish.  Let’s face it, seeing Pendulum People out at a show you are instantly blown away by how cool they look and how comfortable they are with themselves.  But if you are expecting a bad attitude, think again.  They are extremely loving and welcoming to all around them, never making you feel like you are less than. It is as if they are encouraging you to be a sphere in their pendulum.

Four friends with a passion to deliver a message to the world.  Believing in the powers of the universe, but knowing that things don’t fall into one’s lap without hard work.  They practice constantly and work hard to make their dreams a reality.  They are a spiritual testament in the making, Do Not Sleep on this people! Witness it for yourselves! Pendulum People perform around the country and when in NYC, we get the privilege of seeing them at venues like House of Yes or they epic events thrown by the  Junxion tribe.  Stay up on game with them by stalking them on social media @pendulumpeople and on their website  Most likely you will see me shaking a tail feather off with you on the dance floor.

You're Welcome


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