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The Art of Division

Whether you put in a billion hours at work, or work a billion hours from home, we can agree on one thing: your home is your sacred space and we all want it to look bossy. I know for myself, great effort has gone into doing just that. By no means am I done, and after a stroke of good luck going into the Ray Door pop up show I KNOW I am not done. It’s all about those moments in life when you witness someone else’s stroke of genius that helps you propel to the next level in life. Those moments when you say to yourself: Self, set your eyes higher and find a way to make that happen.

What do I want to happen? I want a set of their custom painted doors in my home like stat! Now my style is lively colors and more street art orientated, so when I saw the Hektad and SEN1 pieces I was like YES! What is better than having art pieces that are also functional? Very few things my friends when it comes to interior design, in my humble, no design degree, opinion. And you know what; I don’t think I am alone in this. No experience necessary to know what is bossy AF.

It’s hard to get through to people that money should be spent on art. The average person would drop hella paper to redesign their home and buy blank doors that cost thousands without even blinking an eye. Ask them to spend a couple hundred dollars on a painting and you would’ve thought I just asked for their first born child. Well, life is good because now you don’t have to choose. It’s basically a BOGO, two for one happy hour in the world of interior design. The doors of our minds combined with the literal doors in our homes.

I am partial to my street art, and I guess it would be bad etiquette to take a random piece Hektad did on a random wall or door on the street. So instead, I got my sights set on this as an option. Not true to the street art vibe you may say - man get your life, and shut your mouth. These artist give their soul to every piece so you aren’t going to have to question that. Not convinced? Watch the amazing video below by Anthony Artis, from Down and Dirty Productions, speak truth. He did an incredible job capturing the process of what goes into creating these functional creations. If you aren’t into street art, Ray Door has you covered because they use a variety of incredible artists and you can design you own if you want to flex those creative muscles.

Now us New Yorkers might be like, we rent, our homes are small,l yada yada yada. Here’s the thing, the doors are on tracks and they have sizes that will fit in our shoe boxes, and guess what when you move, take that shit with you. For all my homies in the west coast you are all set boo! You have an abundance of space that you need to decorate. STOP making me look at blank boring doors; Make me want to know what the hell is behind your doors, just like I ask myself what’s behind your eyes (wink).

I’ll leave you with this, Luke Siegel, the President of Ray Door, is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. In a world where we want to be conscious business supporters you can’t get any better than that. The man will spit knowledge about art and the artist he works with, making these creations as authentic as they come. The 3 day show was so good it was extended until May 7th at 91 Allen Street downtown. Hours are 12pm-6pm Thursday - Sunday. Get down there and get to living.

You’re Welcome,


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