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Netflix This Ish and Chill

If you are running low on what to watch on your Netflix and chill night then we definitely have a solid recommendation. Press play to Abstract: The Art of Design and you won't regret it. This is coming from someone who can't even stand documentary series where I have to learn something. I held true to my belief that everyone who watched those shows, and were entertained, was basically full of shit. Guess we all turn out to be full of it at one point or another, and I am forced to eat my own words. Not the first time and surely won't be the last I'm sure.

It's not the typical pop-culture trash TV bitch fest smack down, or sexy star-studded ass shots drama, but surprisingly gives us insight into our own pop-culture obsession. The first season consists of 8 episodes highlighting a different artist in each one that uses their own unique medium to impact our world. They cover artist such as Tinker Hatfield, the creator of those Air Jordans son, to Platon who captures portraits of world leaders.

If you have ever had a conversation with an artist that doesn't do commercial work, I am almost positive at one point there will be a debate to whether or not the type of artist featured on this series are considered artist in the traditional sense. I mean c'mon, designing a shoe is art? Well to be fair, after watching the episode I am still a little in the air (pun totally intended). Especially because Tinker says he doesn't create for the sake of creating, but because he needs to fix a problem. What the show actually tries to dig into is the world of design which is a branch off of art, or is it?

The most intriguing episode to me is about acclaimed stage designer, Es Devlin. If the name doesn't ring a bell, it doesn't matter because the majority of us who has attended a well known play or concert in the last decade have seen her work. I'm talking to you, members of the Beyonce kingdom (or is it beehive? Baehive?). She is the brains behind the visuals you see on Bae's stage that you are snapping pictures of and bombarding us on social media with. I could give a shit about Beyonce, but Devlin's work is intriguing AF mainly because I love projections! There is nothing like being at a festival or bass concert and tripping out on the visuals accompanying the music. She puts any show I have seen, and I have seen some sick shit, to shame.

CMB started our platform to push people to see past the symbols that we are bombarded with via pop culture and branding. So to see a glimpse into the world through the lens of the artist creating those images is pretty eye opening. Nonetheless, people don't be sheep, expand your mind and learn how to interpret all the art/images/branding etc that is coming your way. I'll end with this: log on to Netflix or borrow a password, and push play. Then come back and talk some shit on our comments board. Art is about starting a dialogue and this series definitely does that. If you want to read up on the show a little more, may we suggest the article done by the New Yorker. Click Here please.

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